The Process

If you are a person interested in self-improvement and building your own brand, maybe you have dreams of becoming an entrepreneur and owning your own business. Then its safe to say you’ve heard the phrase “It’s part of the process” or “you have to fall in love with the process”. Evey social media entrepreneur out there is throwing around this phrase but do little to explain what it actually entails. So here I’ve laid out a few steps to shed some light into what the process might manifest itself as.

lets start out with the definition according to Webster :


plural processes play \ˈprä-ˌse-səz, ˈprō-, -sə-, -ˌsēz\

1 a : progress, advance

  • in the process of time
b : something going on : proceeding

2 a (1) : a natural phenomenon marked by gradual changes that lead toward a particular result

  • the process of growth

(2) : a continuing natural or biological activity or function

  • such life processes as breathing
b : a series of actions or operations conducing to an end; especially : a continuous operation or treatment especially in manufacture


Relating this definition to self-improvement, we can infer that “The Process” means: Focused time and effort, stacked together in small increments over time, that lead to a desired result. No matter what it is that you want, you will never achieve it, without the dedication of time and effort, over a prolonged period of time. Humanity as a whole has achieved great feats in technology, medicine, and psychology though this simple concept. This is what those successful people recommend you fall in love with doing. However, I want to dive a little deeper, because this seems like such a simple and obvious a concept, but yet millions fail at achieving this state of consciousness. The following are things I’ve applied to my personal life that have become part of my process and hopefully they will be helpful to you in your journey.

1. Self-Monitoring:

You might think this is a waste of time at first, but you’ll be surprised by the results once you start making a conscious effort incorporating this concept into your life. We all do it all day every day, but most are not aware of it, or simply not paying attention. Most people notice they are procrastinating, over-eating, abusing drugs, but they don’t do anything with the information. So if you are noticing that you are unhappy with your life, or if you are happy but want to reach even higher, you may be getting your “Call to Action”. In Joseph Cample’s “A heroe’s Journey” Every hero must answer the call to action, that’s how the story of victory begins. Obviously everyone’s call is different, but when you begin to actively pay attention to the things in your life that are bringing you down, and the things that are build you up, you will be more likely to catch your call to action. This concept is the reason that you feel the need to make a change. Little by little you’re opening your eyes to the reality of your life, and the way you’re living it. Sadly a lot people walk around lost, scratching their heads, wondering why they feel the way they do. Almost like they think that staying up till 4am watching Netflix, has no correlation to them feeling tired and unmotivated the next day. So before anything else, you must begin self-monitoring, because that is “The Process” of becoming self-aware.

How to do it:

Get yourself a notebook, and write down all of your daily activities, make note of the ones you wish to change, or improve upon. I don’t mean writing down “I want to eat better”, no, it has to be specific like “I had a cheese burger for lunch” and “I ate a brownie before going to bed”. The food example is just one of many ways you can apply this method. Simply writing down your day brings awareness to your reality, (which as I’m sure you’ve seen on some self-improvement quote) is 100% your responsibility. You also could use this method to become more emotionally self-aware, which in my opinion, is most important. Simply notice when you feel a certain way, and write down what you’re feeling. Not what you think it means, not what it makes you want to do, but simply describe what you’re feeling. This may be hard for some, but that’s just part of “The Process”. At this point you don’t have to change anything, you just have to keep track. Do it for a week, then revise, and repeat until the root of your problem becomes so real you can’t help but take action to change it.

2. Self-Education:

When someone says education, most of us picture a classroom filled with bored faces, staring at the monotonic adult saying some mambo jumbo in from of the class. That’s not what I’m taking about here. I’m taking about focused research that will elevate your knowledge, so that you may apply what you’ve learn in the completion of a task. Let’s just say that you’ve now been monitoring yourself for days or weeks, and you start noticing patterns, what do these patterns mean? what do you do with this information? Learning to Identify a specific question, followed by active research, aimed at answering that question is The Process” of becoming self-educated. Sometimes we are confronted with task that seems to hard to overcome or we don’t really know how to tackle the problem. So we hesitate, stall, and procrastinate, all to avoid the responsibility of thinking of a solution and taking action. Again, this applies to not only physical tasks, but emotional ones too.


With the internet at our disposal, there is simply no excuse as to why you can’t learn something. Sure, not everything can be learned through a computer screen, but odds are there is a book, a point of view and even other people out there that may have a solution to your problem. So first, make your question as specific as possible and read as many different sources as you can until they start becoming repetitive. This ensures that you see different points of view, and that if you get bad information from one source, it can be debunked by another. Don’t quit until your satisfied with the results.

3. Self-Efficiency:

This is the most important, without this the previous two will not be effective. The process of becoming self-efficient is the hardest in my opinion, because it takes the most energy. You actually have to get up off you ass and get things done. Now that you figured out you’re problem, and found a solution to it, its time for action. This means building new habits, avoiding bad ones, and taking the necessary steps to get yourself from point A to point B. TAKE ACTION!


Make your bed in the morning, keep your room clean, cook for yourself, these are all actions that will make you feel self-sufficient. This is one of those things where “The Process” of becoming self-efficient is to act self-efficient, like I said before there is no way around this one, you must take what you learned and act on it.

I’ll leave you with this: Things take time, and it may seem like a long road ahead but it is withing your grasp. You are strong, your body is physically capable, all you have to do is get out there and get it. You wont see any change in your life until you apply actions to theories.





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